So, What Is In Your Soap Anyway?


Do you know what's in your soap? Yes, the soap you use to wash your hands, face and body multiple times a day. 

Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it matters! 

As a young child, my grandmother taught me about the benefits of using a natural olive oil based soap versus a commercial soap. 

Olive oil soap is an ancient form of cleansing, nourishing, and protecting the skin from external toxins. For centuries, it has been produced by Middle Eastern, Greeks and Romans to cleanse the skin and hair. It has also been used for household cleaning and even to do laundry.  

 If you are not the kind of person who really reads labels when shopping, we have you covered. There are a few things you should look out for especially in commercial soaps: 


  • Some commercial soaps are produced on a large scale with harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrance oils and artificial coloring which can irritate your skin and cause your skin to dry.
  • Chemicals found such as: benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, ethanol sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) / are known to dry the skin
  • The waste from these soaps re-enters the environment through our sewage systems may contaminate the water. 
  • You might find some commercial soaps use sodium palmitate (palm oil) which is harmful to the environment and blocks your pores.


    Why is it better to use olive oil soap?


    • It contains powerful antioxidant properties to:
      • repair damaged skin by stimulating new generation of cells
      • slow down the development of wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful look!
    • It does not remove natural oils present on the skin and does not clog pores
    • Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and contains natural squalene which is a component of the skin film
    • Environmentally friendly as it doesn’t produce any hazardous water and the soap is biodegradable.