Our Story


We are childhood friends who once waited for the school bus together in Aleppo, Syria. We never could have imagined that many years later, in the city of Montreal, we would reunite over a shared passion for natural products and be inspired to create Olive & Bay. 

Our story actually begins just over 2,000 years ago, in the ancient city of Aleppo. An irresistible brew that would become celebrated around the world is being cooked up in cauldrons: Aleppo soap. Clean, earthy and simple. It was organic way before organic became a trend and exalted for its innumerable benefits and unique fragrance.  This wonderful product is the pride of our hometown and the cornerstone of our brand.   

Aleppo soap is surprisingly versatile for a soap that contains only 4 ingredients. How could something so simple clean literally anything? We set out on a mission to tell the entire world. Flash forward a few years later (and a few hundred pages of research into the sublime benefits of olive oil for the skin) and we created an entire line of products inspired by the simplicity of Aleppo soap and everything it stands for.

We are delighted to share with you our timeless collection of soap and personal cleansing products made with premium, plant-based ingredients that will always respect your skin. 

- Olive & Bay team