Why Aleppo Soap Is A Skincare Miracle

The exclusive Olive & Bay brand is imminent. As the date draws near, there has been considerable excitement over our line of olive-oil based soap. These sumptuous, hand-crafted soaps are all-natural. Made with some of the most potent herbal skincare ingredients known to man, Olive & Bay soaps pamper your skin. 

To kick things off, we thought an article on Aleppo soap was in order. Aleppo soap is a pure, olive-oil based soap made of olive oil, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) and water. This gentle soap has been used for centuries and is the inspiration for the Olive & Bay brand. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of Aleppo soap, and how it fits into our line of olive-oil based soaps.

The Origins of Aleppo Soap

Aleppo Soap is legendary for its natural, nurturing qualities. The precise origins of this nourishing soap are not known. Yet it's generally agreed that it originated in Aleppo, the main city of the Levant Region in Syria. The art of soap making on a wide scale is thought to have begun in this region around the seventh or eighth century. 

Yet Aleppo soap may have been popular long before this. The Romans used soap in the first century AD, if not before. And there are rumors that both Queen Zenobia of Syria and Cleopatra may have used it. 

Crafting the Soap

The ingredients in Aleppo soap are simple, which helps keep the soap natural. This stems from the fact that in antiquity it was necessary to source items native to the region. For centuries, its creation has relied on the hands-on expertise of local craftsman. Knowledge of the process has passed down throughout the generations to apprentice soap-makers. 

It’s a slow process, as the soap is crafted with incomparable care. The soap cubes are hand-cut and dried for at least nine months, during which time they’re protected from the sun. The drying process is critical to the quality of the soap. It also helps to determine the color, which is light brown on the outside to a deep green on the inside.


The Benefits of Aleppo Soaps 

Aleppo soap is purely organic. It’s gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. It's also used for washing, shaving, and shampooing.  Some people even use it as a natural laundry soap.

Despite being so gentle, it's also an effective anti-fungal and anti-itching agent, as well as an antibiotic. This is due to the use of laurel oils. 

Made with an olive oil base, Aleppo soaps are creamy and moisturizing. 


Olive & Bay's Olive-Oil Based Soaps  

Olive-oil based soaps are a natural skincare miracle. When combined with the right ingredients they provide a boost to the health of your skin. 

Olive oil’s natural antioxidant content works as an anti-inflammatory. and helps keep the skin in balance. Olive oil is also wonderful for aging skin. It works by stimulating the generation of new cells and slowing the formation of wrinkles. 

For more information on the Olive & Bay line of exclusive olive-oil based soaps, contact us today!